Debian: resolvconf quick and dirty

This is a “just in case you need to know”-post. If you are using the resolvconf-package, you might stumble over the same problem as me: usually you don’t have to bother with the package after the initial configuration. So far, so good. But if you have to bother, let’s say you have to add another nameserver temporarily, use the following commands:

echo "nameserver" | resolvconf -a mytemp

Obviously, you’ll have to change the “xxx” into a valid DNS-address and, as a bonus, you are free to choose another name instead of “mytemp”, just remember the name.

If you want to get rid of the nameserver-entry again, use the following command:

resolvconf -d mytemp

Again, if you replaced “mytemp” with a name of your choosing, use it.

Yeah, I know, but why should I memorize stuff like this if I can look it up here?

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