OS X: Repairing Permissions from the Command-Line

Just a quick tip: Repairing the permissions on an OS X disk can be done from the command-line as well. The only caveat, you have to know the device of the volume. Getting the right device is easy:

diskutil list

The device-node in question is in the column titled IDENTIFIER. The device-path to use is the one with the name of the volume, e.g. if the column reads disk0s2, then the command would be:

diskutil repairPermissions /dev/disk0s2

You should see some kind of progress-bar in ASCII.

One thing to note though: Using the command does not prevent the “meditation” of the program after 20%. I’d be interested what the system is doing while it seems to mull over something when it is supposed to repair the permissions. :mrgreen:

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