Joost’s WordPress-Bundle for TextMate gets the fun back into theme-hacking

I told you about Joost’s great WordPress-Bundle for TextMate in the post A WordPress-Bundle for TextMate and I stand by the title of this post. It really brings back the fun in hacking WordPress-themes.

I found one deprecated call (in two incarnations): listcats expands to list_cats, but the beauty in using the Bundle is, I just exchanged it to expand to wp_list_categories and I was done. I don’t have to remember which calls are deprecated, I’ll just have to make sure to check the Bundle as soon as new lists with deprecated calls show up and exchange them. The only “clear and present danger” I see in this approach is: What do i do, while not using TextMate? But that holds true for almost anything handled by a Bundle in TextMate. (I just found out, that the editor in WordPress does not close HTML-Tags when . is pressed. :mrgreen: )

Kudos to Joost for picking up the task. Thanks, really.

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