Just a Quick Reminder: ISPs, Check the RBLs!

A couple of minutes ago a friend told me, that one of his friends could not send mails via his SMTP-server. (Quick explanation: this friend of mine hosts a server on his premises and allowed a couple of his friends to use it for sending and receiving e-mail.) I checked the logs and lo and behold, the dynamic IP-address his friend was using was blocked by the RBL.

It seems, the person getting this very IP-address by the ISP before the poor soul in question used it to send spam and was blocked for doing so by the RBL. Is it that hard to check for the own address-range when getting the data-stream of an RBL (I’m 99% sure, that the ISP in question is using this very RBL to protect its own servers)? Obviously so. Hint: grep [my_ip_range] does the trick. :mrgreen:

Again, just a quick reminder. 😉

[No, I won’t name names.]

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