Why the ‘Morning Banana Diet’ could actually work

The Net is bubbling with the phrase Morning Banana Diet at the moment. Some think it’s a viral hoax, some are trying really hard to make it work. Here is my take from the lab (hence the name, you know):

First things first, though. This is my take on the subject, read gut-feeling and experience. I’m not a doctor or in any other position to tell you what to do.

The Basic Idea behind the ‘Morning Banana Diet’

People on this diet are supposed to eat a banana and drink a glass of water for breakfast. That’s it? Basically, yes. It is said, that you are allowed to eat normally during the rest of the day. Your weight is supposed to go down when adhering to this routine.

Why the ‘Morning Banana Diet’ could work

Honestly, the above section sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? IMHO, it could work. Let me tell you why. There are a couple of reasons igniting the feeling of being hungry:

  1. You haven’t eaten in a while.
  2. It is ‘time to eat.’
  3. Your blood-sugar is low.

There are more reasons, granted; let’s concentrate at the ones mentioned, though. The first one is a given, your body needs something to burn, period. The second reason is known to give you a feeling of being hungry without the real need to eat something, meaning your body could continue to exist nevertheless; it is just ‘trained’ to be hungry at certain times. Next time your getting hungry around lunch-time, try to figure out if you really need something to eat or if it’s just a habitual thing.

Reason three was my clue to why the Morning Banana Diet could actually work. If your body does not have enough sugar to burn, it tends to get nervous, and rightly so. If your body is lacking sugar, it cannot generate the energy to keep you going. The proof of the pudding 😉 , eat something with artificial sweetener, you’ll get hungry again much faster as if you’d eat something containing sugar.

If you eat a banana in the morning, your blood-sugar should be fine until at least noon; the craving for sugar during a morning-break should lessen considerably. Especially if your body gets used to the intake of sugar and vitamins contained in a banana. So the Morning Banana Diet uses reason two and fights reason three. So in theory, at least, it could work.

What’s your take on the subject?

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