Tip: Launching Dashboard via AppleScript

Just a short tip: Your Dashboard in OS X contains up to the minute information about things that are of interest to you, right? I use a script to launch iTunes and Mail in the morning while making coffee, the other thing I launch every morning is the Dashboard to get an overview of things I want to know, e.g. weather-reports, stocks and the like.

It seems that it is not that widely known, that you are able to launch Dashboard via AppleScript, as well. If you got an error message like ‘Dashboard got an error: Application isn’t running.’ while using activate, launch does the trick. It is as simple as that:

tell application "Dashboard"
end tell

Bonus: If you are administering one or more OS X servers, then check your available Widgets in Dashboard, there is one to give you information about the vitals of your server(s).

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