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SQL: Sum Multiple Records in One Table

Something I cannot seem to memorize, how to sum multiple records in one table based on another field using SQL. For example: Country Visitors ——————- USA 140 Japan 50 USA 99 Japan 75 If you want to sum up the visitors based on country, then the following SQL-statement should do the trick: select Country, sum(Visitors) […]

How to deal with Spaces in Filenames?

As an AppleScripter, you always have to deal with the creativity of your users regarding filenames. A simple fact of life. AppleScript is handing you the tools on a silver platter. So, let’s deal with it.

Ringtones by NASA

I had my Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrott-Momentâ„¢ today when I found this on NASA’s Website: Download NASA Sounds. The linked website contains directions how to use the provided sound bites as ringtones. Always wanted a geeky sounding ringtone? Here you go. Now I have to figure out which one to use. đŸ˜‰

Download additional content for FCPX and Motion 5

The new Final Cut Pro X is available in the App Store as of now. Some of the complaints I read in the usual channels circled around the fact that the supplied templates for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 seem to be smaller in weight as usual. Do not despair young padwan, help […]

Defining an asymmetric bleed in InDesign CS5.5 using AppleScript

Using AppleScript to efficiently create your documents in Adobe InDesign is a no-brainer for most of us. One could create template files to achieve the same result, but, should the need to change said templates arise, then it’s dialog hell. If you, dear reader, memorized the location of every possible document setting in the program […]

Logging with launchd

Apple switched from cron to launchd a while ago, but the fact that launchd allows you to log the output of your program or script quite easily seems to be shrouded in mystery for no apparent reason. Do you know how to create/write logfiles using launchd-plists? If not, read on.

Access Special Folders via AppleScript

There are certain folders which are not that easily accessible via AppleScript (or any other programming language for that matter) because the path to them has to be constructed by incorporating the (short) name of the current user account. One of the most used constructs would be accessing the folder Documents located in the user’s […]

OS X: Go to (certain) Pref-Panes fast

Did you know that there is a shortcut to open certain panes in System Preferences in OS X? If you want to open the Sound-Pane in System Preferences then try this key combination: ⌥ – any of the keycaps to modify the volume on your Mac The same goes for the Monitors-Pane: ⌥ – keycap […]


Today is the festival Diwali, translated “a row of lamps”. Just in case you need to know. Get the whole story on Wikipedia or from the BBC.

Tip: Launching Dashboard via AppleScript

Just a short tip: Your Dashboard in OS X contains up to the minute information about things that are of interest to you, right? I use a script to launch iTunes and Mail in the morning while making coffee, the other thing I launch every morning is the Dashboard to get an overview of things […]