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OS X: Daylight Savings Time switch and launchd

The end of the Daylight Time is near, this year, the switch takes place on November 2nd, to be precise. Usually no biggie, but Europe switched back last weekend and I switched a couple of jobs from cron to launchd, as prescribed by Apple, during the year on servers located in Europe. cron, the one […]

Why the ‘Morning Banana Diet’ could actually work

The Net is bubbling with the phrase Morning Banana Diet at the moment. Some think it’s a viral hoax, some are trying really hard to make it work. Here is my take from the lab (hence the name, you know): First things first, though. This is my take on the subject, read gut-feeling and experience. […]

OS X Server: Reset diradmin’s Password

The admin-password does not work with the diradmin-account? First things first: Don’t panic! There might be a way out of this. What happened? The passwords for the administrative account on OS X Server, I’m talking about the one created during installation, and the diradmin-account are the same, right? Are you sure? They probably are, if […]

Just a Quick Reminder: ISPs, Check the RBLs!

A couple of minutes ago a friend told me, that one of his friends could not send mails via his SMTP-server. (Quick explanation: this friend of mine hosts a server on his premises and allowed a couple of his friends to use it for sending and receiving e-mail.) I checked the logs and lo and […]

Joost’s WordPress-Bundle for TextMate gets the fun back into theme-hacking

I told you about Joost’s great WordPress-Bundle for TextMate in the post A WordPress-Bundle for TextMate and I stand by the title of this post. It really brings back the fun in hacking WordPress-themes. I found one deprecated call (in two incarnations): listcats expands to list_cats, but the beauty in using the Bundle is, I […]

A WordPress-Bundle for TextMate

I just found a WordPress-Bundle for my favorite editor, TextMate. Download it from the Website of SEO-/Wordpress-wizzard extraordinaire Joost de Valk. I’m going to test it later today.

OS X: Capturing Packets

Being kind of “Solaris-infested” at times (a.k.a. old habits die hard), I had a hard time capturing network-packets on OS X the other day. Not the capturing in itself, but remembering to use tcpdump instead of snoop. The command I was looking for was sudo tcpdump host [ip-address] It lists the packets as they go […]

OS X: The Location for “Folder Action Scripts”

Since it bit me a couple of days ago: The AppleScripts to be used as Folder Actions must be stored in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts or /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts. The former is the location for Scripts available to the user of the account, the latter for all users of a machine. Don’t get fooled by the […]

Logging in FrontBase, quick and dirty

This is a quick tip (and thus something I don’t have to remember as long as I have an Internet-connection and a browser at my disposal 😉 ) for all FrontBase-users out there. The following is a rundown of handy commands if you need to log activities on a database. sudo ln -s /Users/admin/FBLogs /Library/FrontBase/LogFiles(OS […]

OS X: Repairing Permissions from the Command-Line

Just a quick tip: Repairing the permissions on an OS X disk can be done from the command-line as well. The only caveat, you have to know the device of the volume. Getting the right device is easy: diskutil list The device-node in question is in the column titled IDENTIFIER. The device-path to use is […]