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SQL: Sum Multiple Records in One Table

Something I cannot seem to memorize, how to sum multiple records in one table based on another field using SQL. For example: Country Visitors ——————- USA 140 Japan 50 USA 99 Japan 75 If you want to sum up the visitors based on country, then the following SQL-statement should do the trick: select Country, sum(Visitors) […]

Defining an asymmetric bleed in InDesign CS5.5 using AppleScript

Using AppleScript to efficiently create your documents in Adobe InDesign is a no-brainer for most of us. One could create template files to achieve the same result, but, should the need to change said templates arise, then it’s dialog hell. If you, dear reader, memorized the location of every possible document setting in the program […]

Access Special Folders via AppleScript

There are certain folders which are not that easily accessible via AppleScript (or any other programming language for that matter) because the path to them has to be constructed by incorporating the (short) name of the current user account. One of the most used constructs would be accessing the folder Documents located in the user’s […]

Joost’s WordPress-Bundle for TextMate gets the fun back into theme-hacking

I told you about Joost’s great WordPress-Bundle for TextMate in the post A WordPress-Bundle for TextMate and I stand by the title of this post. It really brings back the fun in hacking WordPress-themes. I found one deprecated call (in two incarnations): listcats expands to list_cats, but the beauty in using the Bundle is, I […]

A WordPress-Bundle for TextMate

I just found a WordPress-Bundle for my favorite editor, TextMate. Download it from the Website of SEO-/Wordpress-wizzard extraordinaire Joost de Valk. I’m going to test it later today.

Logging in FrontBase, quick and dirty

This is a quick tip (and thus something I don’t have to remember as long as I have an Internet-connection and a browser at my disposal 😉 ) for all FrontBase-users out there. The following is a rundown of handy commands if you need to log activities on a database. sudo ln -s /Users/admin/FBLogs /Library/FrontBase/LogFiles(OS […]

CouchDB, Database re-invented?

A document-centric, replicating database written in an object-oriented language called Erlang, sounds great.

AppleScript: How to split a string

Sadly, AppleScript lacks a function to split a string into its contents by using a defined character as delimiter. Here’s a handler to tackle the problem.

Finding Redundant CSS-Code

So you are one hundred percent sure, that you are using all the CSS-classes you defined in your stylesheet(s)? Great. Move on. Nothing to see here. Or did the question made you uneasy? If you could scrape some definitions from your stylesheet, then—depending on the traffic on your website—getting rid of some stuff might mean […]