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Just a Quick Reminder: ISPs, Check the RBLs!

A couple of minutes ago a friend told me, that one of his friends could not send mails via his SMTP-server. (Quick explanation: this friend of mine hosts a server on his premises and allowed a couple of his friends to use it for sending and receiving e-mail.) I checked the logs and lo and […]

Ruby: Simple Calculation of Billable Time using Epoch-Seconds

Two simple Ruby-scripts to calculate time in epoch-seconds.

Simple Calculation of Billable Time using epoch-seconds

How-To: A quick and dirty way to record billable time while away from your own machines.

Getting the current time in epoch-seconds

How-To: Getting the current time in epoch-seconds in your shell and converting them back to human-readable time.

Using sed to transform XML to be displayed in HTML

One way to display XML in HTML without wrecking your Web site.

CouchDB, Database re-invented?

A document-centric, replicating database written in an object-oriented language called Erlang, sounds great.

Debian: resolvconf quick and dirty

Two commands needed to modify your resolvconf-generated /etc/resolv.conf.

Backing up with rsync

After writing the post Don’t forget to – -delete when rsyncing, I decided to write a little more about rsync, part of every well-groomed *NIX system, but Zonker was faster. Therefore, I’ll get out in the sun and present you with a link instead : Back up like an expert with rsync. Well done Zonker, you […]

Don’t forget to –delete when rsyncing

The program rsync is available on most *NIX/Linux platforms, but – contrary to the implication by its name – the program synchronizes only when used with the –delete-option. Let’s clarify first, what I mean by synchronizing: Assume we have a directory called fooboz, said directory contains two files, one named fooboz1.txt and another called fooboz2.txt. […]

How to convert an “epoch”-time to a meaningful date and time

How-To: If all you got is an epoch-time, how do you convert it into something more useful for human consumption?